Fourth Trimester

The fourth trimester, like each pregnancy and baby, is so incredibly different and a truely unique experience that mum and baby go through together at such a vulnerable time in both of their lives. Now that I’ve had two babies, the second time round I think I knew to completely surrender to the fourth trimester and bask in the moments that go by so fast and can easily be taken for granted. The sleep deprivation, the abundance of visitors, the endless cuddles and skin on skin-accidentally fell asleep - feeding sessions, the peaceful but deafening silence during overnight feeds where it’s just you and your babe and no one can interrupt the magic between the two of you, the tears that come for no reason except pure, overwhelming happiness that you are holding the life you created after a long 9 months, watching their little eyes close so gently as they drift off into their milk-drunk state of sleep. 

Although at times I feel like nothing more than a portable milk bar for Xavier, in the same thought I am in awe knowing that he relies solely on me to survive and I get these incredibly special moments with him so frequently which makes our bond even stronger. 

I find myself telling Xavier things that a 2 week old would never be able to comprehend let alone care about but although he has only been in this world for such a short time, I feel like I’ve known him my whole entire life and honestly can’t picture my family any other way. I was so worried and genuinely concerned I would never experience another love like I have for Zach, but as soon as Jassi placed this little baby in my arms all those worries disappeared and I knew my family was complete and I was so blessed to be surrounded by beautiful boys. 

The fourth trimester is a beautiful cocktail of magical moments, undeniable love and patience and an unprecedented emotional roller coaster that I am so lucky to experience for a second time. Some days are long and exhausting but time is already flying by since Xavier entered the world nearly 3 weeks ago and sometimes you have to remind yourself that this is the smallest and youngest your baby will ever be, and to embrace their clinginess. 

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  • Love following along Jess – your boys are beautiful!


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