I never thought I'd love labour...Part 1

Most people I speak to don't necessarily want to dive into the details of possibly the most vulnerable and personal time of their life...labour and birth. Rather, they'd prefer to forget it! Me on the other hand, will talk to anyone that will listen and I am so blessed to have had a straight forward, relatively "easy" birth in the sense that it was short and sweet and I got a beautiful healthy baby. 

The day I went into labour, was exactly 2 weeks before my due date and I was having a great time, bouncing on my fitball imagining what it would be like to hold my babe in my arms rather than trying to bounce him the F out of me. Two of my girlfriends were over and how we didn’t cotton on to the fact I was in labour is beyond all of us (as they both had kids) and we still talk about naive we were. 

As my girlfriends and I chatted, I bounced away with a warm heat pack resting on my basketball belly trying to alleviate the period-like cramps that were coming and going (you would think this was another lightbulb moment but because I wasn't in excruciating pain and apparently that's what labour felt like I ignored it) and I was waddling to the toilet literally every 5 minutes because I was “leaking.” (Yes, dickhead your waters were leaking). The three of us, highly educated women, put the cramps and leaking down to normal pregnancy shit – because so many fucked up things happen to your body when you’re pregnant that you get used to it. I waited all day until Jassi got home from work to mention that I might need to go to hospital just for a check-up. We called my amazing midwife who invited me in for an internal and to check out what was going. Those two internal examinations that I got before I went into active labour, were worse than the labour itself and I vowed not to deliver the baby if the pain was anything like that. Thankfully, my midwife was able to calm me down and I reluctantly agreed to birth my child. 

The midwife confirmed that my hind waters had broken, which explained the leaking (duh) and I was 3cm dilated. All of a sudden, I realised I was going to be a mum and I had to push a human out. WHAT THE FUCK. The nurses explained that because my front waters hadn’t broken yet (who knew there were different types of waters? Certainly not me) that if I don’t go into labour naturally within 48 hours, they would induce me to avoid infection. They gave me a script for a sleeping tablet, and strong pain killer and sent us home. We had to cancel a dinner date with Jassi’s best friend Zoe that night and were on the phone to her on the way home from the hospital explaining what had happened. That was around 8pm.

Our renovations had just been finished, and Jassi was cleaning the kitchen making it presentable for his before-and-after insta upload. Around 9pm I stood up to go to the toilet and as I took a second step toward the bathroom my waters broke everywhere, like in the movies and Thunda our dog was first on the scene trying to understand why I was allowed to pee on the floor and he wasn't. Jassi quickly cleaned up my bodily fluid and by that time I was experiencing a full on, intense, excruciating contraction, which was bizarre because labour was supposed to start off slow and manageable – or so I’d been told.

My first two contractions were 3 minutes apart and unbearably painful, but Jassi was still focused on his Instagram upload – god love him. We called my midwife and she agreed with Jassi that it was probably early stages of labour and to offer me the pain meds. Thinking I was in for a long night, I decided to have a bath because that was the only place I felt comfortable lately. Well, unfortunately that wasn't the best idea because once I was in bath, I couldn’t bloody get out because of the contractions. By this time, my parents had arrived: my mum who was going to be in the birthing suite with us, and my step-dad picking up Thunda for a sleepover. Mum knew straight away that we needed to get to the hospital, and so we jumped in the car (mum and Jassi basically carried me) and off we went – very fucking quickly...


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