I never thought I'd love labour... Part 2

The car ride to hospital was probably the most uncomfortable part of my labour, I was finding it difficult to sit up and only wanted to be on all fours like a fat cow, so being stuck in that car for all of 15 minutes was hell. My mum was in the back and Jassi was driving... I literally screamed at him like a banshee, to run red lights and go as fast as he could. 

We got to the entrance of the Mercy and I couldn’t walk, Zach was ready to enter the world so there wasn’t enough time to wait for a wheelchair or a nurse for that matter so again Mum and Jassi carried me. We met my midwife Serena in the hall and she led us through to the birthing suite –I immediately hunched over the bed and started to push. There was no time for an epidural or any sort of pain relief except the gas, which really only gave me something else to hold onto and ended up making me so sick I vomited. 

Fifty One minutes after arriving at the hospital my beautiful baby boy was born at 10:41pm on the 30th March 2016. Jassi caught him, yes literally caught him and passed him through my wobbly, exhausted legs into my arms (just imagine me on all fours, trying to hold a slippery baby, not my most dignified moment). I still get goose bumps and tears in my eyes when I relive those first few seconds of his life. It was the most exhilarating and physically hardest thing I have EVER done, and probably ever will do – until baby number 2 of course.

My birthing team consisted of Jassi, my mum and midwife Serena (and an extra midwife who’s name I don’t remember but would love to thank) and I couldn’t ask for anyone better. Serena had the most calming, reassuring presence which kept me focused and stress-free. I really cannot thank her enough for helping me bring my baby into the world so naturally. Jassi was so strong for me, and didn’t leave my side (except to catch his son) and my mum, well I knew she would be my rock as she has been my whole life.  I loved my birth, and cannot wait to do it again! Although next time I think we’ll camp outside the hospital. 

J. x

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