Krystal “The Content-Creator Mum”

How many bubbas do you have and how old are they?

I have 2 beautiful boys. Paris who is 3 in Feb & August who is 8 months.

What was your “day job” before you had your sons?

I am a corporate Real Estate Agent. I work for one of the big 4 banks.

How did you start styling and what would you consider your signature style is?

I always bought beautiful pieces for the kids and had a strong interest in styling. I could always imagine myself doing it but I doubted myself - as most do - but decided to take the plunge when Augie was born and so glad I did as I really enjoy it. It is a massive learning curve, there is so much to it. It does take a lot of effort but it’s good fun. I was creative in my youth and had artworks of mine displayed in galleries but I lost my spark after being bullied throughout the couple of years I was in high school. It’s really brought me more in touch with my creative side and I’m so thankful for that 🧡. It’s also helped me on my journey to finding myself as there have been little lessons I’ve learnt in every piece of content I’ve created. For example I used to be very indecisive and now I’m crazy decisive. Something I’m also really thankful for. I’d like to consider my style to be “boho” or natural.

Do you participate in collabs or do you purchase most of your items?

I do a lot of collabs but 80% of the items you see are purchased. I love supporting small businesses. It brings me great joy. I will always shop small first.

When do you have time to create content with the boys at home?

During nap times or when Dads home. Sometimes I have my grandma visiting and I get a chance to do it then too. I don’t commit too much of my time to it. Only a few hours a week. I don’t want to kill myself over it and I also won’t do anything involving the boys if they aren’t having it. Which is a lot of the time these days hence the lack of them in my feed 😉. It has to be fun!

Are you going back to your day job?

I am indeed, in April. I have to find a happy medium as I love content creating and I won’t stop! 🧡

What’s the hardest thing about being an Instagram content creator?

Some days I find it hard to get creative or be inspired but as time goes on it becomes easier as you start to trust yourself more and tap further into your creative spirit. Hardest part would be getting them involved. When they’re under 6 months it’s easy because they don’t move 😂 but any age after that it becomes hard work.

How do you approach businesses to work with or do you only work with businesses that approach you?

Businesses approach me at this stage.

When did you start your Instagram and how quickly did you reach 6k followers? How did you grow your followers so quickly and organically? Since late April 2018!Set up profile as business so you can see your insights then you can see what kind of content gets the best reach and how many followers have come from each post. Trying to post frequently. All social media gurus will tell you that posting daily is ideal, so if you can do that - great! Stick within your niche and style, that way you will retain more followers as they will continue to enjoy your content. Engage. Engage. Engage. Always make an effort to reply to all comments. A lot of my followers message me regarding styling tips or reply to stories and I genuinely enjoy talking to people, helping others and making friends. So that rubs off too 🧡 

What do you and your family do for quality time?

We go out to eat together, take the kids to the park, pool, beach or any other activities that will be fun for them. This weekend we’re going to our first wiggles concert!

What’s your favourite thing to do when you're kid-less?

Oh gosh 😂 every few nights I’ll go for a drive to get bubble tea by myself and crank the music up in the car. Have a bit of a sing. Pretty lame. Otherwise shopping is great alone as it’s so hard trying on clothes with the littles. But lately I’ve had a strong urge to get dressed up and go out so I’m going to roll with that and hopefully get out with the girls one night soon! I’d like to make a habit of that! 🤗


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